Web Hosting in Nepal

Web hosting is very essential for any sites to be visible throughout the entire world wide web. We have been providing website hosting service to any scale businesses. Geekworks Tech is a trusted company to make your website accessible through the internet.

Why web hosting is important?

Once the website has been built it is useless to always run it on localhost or any temporary hosting sites. Therefore, we provide an unlimited hosting service so that people can know about your services and you can grow your business well. We assure you a good availability, reliability, and uptime of your site. Likewise, we also provide continuous customer support to know about your feedback on what improvements you need for your site.
Web hosting service

We provide the following web hosting services :

Cloud web Hosting

  • Managed web Hosting Service
  • Dedicated web Hosting Service
  • Virtual Dedicated Server
  • Shared Web Hosting Service

So contact now if any of the above-mentioned services are suitable for you. Trust Geekworks for the quality of website hosting in Nepal.

Reduce IT Costs !

Frusted with Slow, inexperience and expensive IT Support ? We help eliminating companies IT headaches and provide reliable, cost effictive and long term solutions.