Cloud Hosting in Nepal

Business Continuity planning is very essential for your business to grow. Usually, planning about the risks and disaster recovery is what important for the safety of sensitive data of the whole organization. We, a whole team of Geekworks, do provide the service of cloud backup management so that you won’t face any kind of problems even if any disasters related to your data takes place.
Cloud Backup

Managed Cloud Backup service

Our cloud Backup Management Policies assure your business requirements get fulfilled. Geekworks tech also provides 24/7 quick recovery and monitoring. We understand the criticality of your system and try to provide the best cloud backup services by ensuring the following features of our cloud backup management strategy:

  • Data recovery point objective according to client’s need.
  • Secure automated Backup.
  • 24/7 technical support.
  • High availability.
  • Scalable Storage.
  • Dedicated backup networks.
  • Local and remote backup policies.
  • Backup reports if needed.


Reduce IT Costs !

Frusted with Slow, inexperience and expensive IT Support ? We help eliminating companies IT headaches and provide reliable, cost effictive and long term solutions.